ACCCE CEO Steve Miller's Letter to the Editor in WSJ: Coal Is Vital to the U.S. and Much Cleaner Than Before


"Coal Is More Dangerous Than Nuclear" by Holman W. Jenkins (Business World, April 13) gives an abbreviated and misleading view on the use of coal that ignores the substantial economic benefits of coal and the role that clean coal technology plays in our energy future. Coal generates nearly half of our nation's electricity because it provides great economic benefits, more energy security and dramatic emissions reductions.

Coal has played a critical role in maintaining lower energy prices for American families and businesses, and lower energy prices are linked to a higher standard of living and better health. Additionally, coal provides the U.S. with increased energy security because the energy contained in recoverable U.S. coal reserves is the equivalent of the world's known oil reserves.

Thanks in large part to clean coal technology, the U.S. is using coal more cleanly than ever before. Emissions (per unit of electricity produced) from coal-fueled power plants have been reduced by over 80% since 1970.

That's why coal has played a vital role in our nation's history and will be an integral part of our clean energy future for decades to come.

Steve Miller

President and CEO

American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity

Alexandria, Va.

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