Where Does Your Electricity Come from?

Check out your state and see where you stand.
Last Updated May 2011
When we surf the Internet, watch television, play a video game, charge a cell phone or turn on the air conditioner, we use electricity. But did you know that almost half of that electricity comes from coal? To see your state’s electricity portfolio, just click on it in the map above. When it comes to cost, not all fuels are created equal. On a national basis, coal is one-third the cost of natural gas, which is the number-two fuel used to generate electricity in the United States. And because fuel costs are an important factor in determining the cost of electricity to the consumer, electricity from coal is more affordable than electricity produced by natural gas. Four of the five states with the lowest cost electricity generate 80 percent or more of the electricity in their state by using coal (Kentucky, Utah, West Virginia and Wyoming).